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The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) increases the impact of its analysis by staying engaged in and helping to shape the global energy dialogue. News and blogs about JISEA, JISEA leadership, JISEA partners, and JISEA programs are highlighted below.

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Cobalt Supply Chain Analysis Links Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Deployment

May 18, 2021—JISEA analysts applied the Benchmark methodology to understand how increasing demand for cobalt could impact the larger electric vehicle manufacturing supply chain. Learn more.

JISEA Catalyzers Will Incubate Clean Energy Research Capabilities

May 7, 2021—The newly launched JISEA Catalyzers initiative will incubate research capabilities for 1–2 years before being launched into a new program led by JISEA’s founder, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Learn more.

2021 JISEA 11th Annual Virtual Meeting Connects, Engages, and Educates Attendees

April 22, 2021—The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis hosted its signature annual meeting in a virtual format this year, including dynamic discussion among esteemed panelists and diverse attendees. Learn more.

The 2021 JISEA Annual Report

April 8, 2021—The 2021 JISEA annual report is a collaborative product that highlights the institute's progress over the last year to help accelerate the transformation of the global energy economy. Learn more.

Samantha Reese: Connecting Science to Industry with Supply Chain Analysis

March 16, 2021—As a JISEA/NREL clean energy manufacturing analyst, Samantha Reese puts early-stage research problems in context of techno-economic tradeoffs and technology potential because "no matter how awesome a technology is, it won't be adopted if it's not cost competitive." Learn more.

CEMAC/JISEA Releases Global Clean Energy Manufacturing Data and Insights

February 12, 2021—The latest Benchmarks of Global Clean Manufacturing report assesses market characteristics, global trade flows, and manufacturing value added for four clean energy technologies to support deeper insights into balance of trade effects on upstream materials. Learn more.

Nuclear-Renewable Synergies for Clean Energy Solutions

December 17, 2020—Since 2011, JISEA has supported analysis on the potential of increased integration of nuclear and renewables in the evolving power grid to provide clean electricity and another commodity. Learn more.

Garvin Heath, JISEA Analyst, Is Defining Circularity for Next-Generation Energy Materials

November 5, 2020—Moving from a linear to a circular economy for energy materials starts with research and development. JISEA Analyst Garvin Heath and a team of researchers are leading the charge. Learn more.

Coordinated System Could Sync Up Natural Gas and Electric Sectors

September 22, 2020—JISEA analysts studied a proposed framework that allows the natural gas and electric systems to exchange information, presenting system cost savings. Learn more.

JISEA 10th Annual (Virtual) Meeting: Sustainability, Big Data, and Business Systems in a Changing World

August 14, 2020 — 2020 is all about adaptability! This year, JISEA hosted its 10th annual meeting with a virtual session every morning over two weeks, featuring current and former JISEA interns, JISEA analysts, partner institutions, and industry experts. Learn more.

Jeff Logan, Long-Standing JISEA Analyst, Has a World of Curiosity

July 30, 2020 — For Jeff Logan, a curiosity came alive when he went to college. This curiosity has brought him around the world to study the clean energy transition. Learn more.

Renewables in Mining: Rethinking How Energy Is Generated and Used

July 15, 2020 — Economic, societal, and environmental factors are motivating mines to reconsider how they generate and use energy to drive down costs and curtail emissions. Learn more.

Hungry for Analysis: JISEA Workshop Considers Sustainability in Food Systems

July 1, 2020—In partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Colorado State University, JISEA hosted a three-day virtual workshop to explore sustainable energy opportunities in food systems. Learn more.

Intra-Day Coordination of Natural Gas and Electricity Offers Cost and System Benefits

May 5, 2020—Enhanced real-time coordination between the natural gas and electricity sectors could offer more affordable, reliable electricity, benefiting customers and power system operators. Learn more.

A Conversation with Steven Freilich, New JISEA Executive-in-Residence

April 21, 2020—JISEA welcomes Steven Freilich to the team this month as the new executive-in-residence to help guide technology implementation that meets real marketplace needs. Learn more.

The Cooling Superpower of Magnets: Could It Be the Future of Refrigeration and AC?

April 15, 2020—Magnetocalorics could be the next-generation energy solution for refrigeration and air conditioning, but how will cost and supply chain implications impact large-scale adoption? Learn more.

Virtual Meeting Showcases JISEA's Diverse Findings in Power Systems and Industry and Agriculture

April 13, 2020—JISEA hosted a half-day virtual meeting featuring six projects within power systems and industry and agriculture. Learn more.

JISEA Celebrates a Decade of Energy System Transformation through Analysis

March 25, 2020—Ten years since its founding, the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis continues to provide critical insights linking energy, society, and prosperity across the globe. Learn more.

Refrigerants: The Fluid That Changed the World and Will Change It Again

February 25, 2020—What is the current state of new and existing alternative refrigerants that are safe, effective, and do not deplete the ozone? Learn more.

LEDs: A Bright Spot for Domestic Manufacturing

February 12, 2020—JISEA/NREL researchers shine a light on the LED supply chain to evaluate how advances in LEDs incentivize adoption and spur growth of domestic manufacturing opportunities. Learn more.

NREL Hosts Technical Exchange to Boost Brazil's Power Sector Transformation

February 4, 2020—NREL's 21st Century Power Partnership shares energy planning insights and computational tools with analysts from the Brazilian Energy Research Office to support Brazil's plans for energy expansion. Learn more.

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