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The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) increases the impact of its analysis by staying engaged in and helping to shape the global energy dialogue. News and blogs about JISEA, JISEA leadership, JISEA partners, and JISEA programs are highlighted below.

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What Is the Recipe for First Commercial Success for Clean Energy Technologies?

Dec. 6, 2022—Analysts at the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis study lab-to-market pathways for clean energy technologies.

Elizabeth Doris Takes the Helm of JISEA as the New Director

Oct. 6, 2022—Elizabeth Doris brings a fresh vision to the institute that will leverage clean energy research and partnerships in new ways to address emerging, complex challenges.

Considerations To Achieve a Sustainable U.S. Commercial Building Stock

Sept. 21, 2022—Study identifies drivers, barriers, and costs of adopting building sensors and controls systems.

Five Key Best Practices to Community Energy Planning

Aug. 17, 2022—JISEA's Sustainable Communities Catalyzer publishes best-practices guide to supporting community energy planning.

JISEA Launches Green Computing Catalyzer To Reduce Energy Use and Carbon Emissions of Computing Systems

May 25, 2022—The third catalyzer in the JISEA Catalyzers initiative will explore algorithmic energy efficiency, in addition to ways to limit energy usage of computing and potential pathways to reuse, repair, or recycle hardware products and materials.

2022 JISEA Annual Meeting Discusses Diverse Research, Announces New Director

May 3, 2022—The JISEA annual meeting centered on the theme of "Empower" and highlighted collaborative research projects from the past year.

The 2022 JISEA Annual Report

April 11, 2022—The 2022 JISEA annual report, highlighting the institute’s progress over the past year to accelerate the transformation of the global energy economy, is now available.

County-Level Energy Data and Analysis Empowers Local Energy Planning

March 28, 2022—The JISEA Sustainable Communities Catalyzer compared technical generation potential and levelized cost of electricity for renewable energy technologies in every county of the United States.

JISEA Sustainable Communities Catalyzer Advances Equitable Renewables Deployment

March 4, 2022—New modeling approach intersects equity metrics and renewable energy technical potential to prioritize communities that need these benefits the most.

Clean Energy Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector

Jan. 18, 2022—To help the oil and gas industry decarbonize operations, increase resilience, and conserve high-value resources, JISEA studied potential benefits of incorporating clean energy technologies in two parts of the oil and gas value chain.

Top Five JISEA Highlights of 2021

Jan. 5, 2022—2021 was filled with collaboration and scientific advancements at JISEA. Read about a few of the many highlights from the past year.

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