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The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) increases the impact of its analysis by staying engaged in and helping to shape the global energy dialogue. News and blogs about JISEA, JISEA leadership, JISEA partners, and JISEA programs are highlighted below.

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From Mines to Manufacturer: Tracing the Li-Ion Battery Supply Chain

September 19, 2019 — We dug deep into the cobalt and lithium supply chains to better understand the production of lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars. Learn more.

The Grid-Pipeline Two Step: Managing the Electricity-Gas Interface

September 3, 2019 — As natural gas continues to expand its role in electricity generation in the United States, enhanced coordination with the electricity market is crucial to ensuring efficient, reliable ops. Read more.

From Farm to Refinery: Moving to a Bio-Based Economy

August 19, 2019 — In their new report, CEMAC researchers take a closer look at the agricultural equipment and manufacturing requirements to transform upwards of 340 million tons of biomass into biofuels and other bioproducts. Read more.

Power Outage Price Tag: Calculating the Consumer Costs

August 12, 2019 — What are the consumer cost drivers in power outages? NREL/JISEA researchers calculate the costs in their new article. Read more.

Industry’s Hunger for Heat Drives Energy Demand

August 5, 2019 How can industry bring the heat while keeping GHG emissions in check? NREL/JISEA researchers took a closer look at alternative thermal sources to meet industrial heat demand. Read more.

Hybrid Energy Systems for Clean Energy Manufacturing

August 2, 2019 — Recent graduate of the University of Colorado Denver’s Global Energy Management program Ben Finell discusses industry applications for hybrid energy systems in his guest post for JISEA. Read more.

Researchers Propose Techno-Ecological Synergy for Solar-Sustainability Win-Win

July 16, 2019 — In a new paper in Nature Sustainability, NREL/JISEA researchers Jordan Macknick and Garvin Heath help propose a techno-ecological synergy (TES) framework to help capture win-win outcomes in solar energy.  Read more.

Will Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Drive Growth in Refueling Infrastructure, or Vice Versa?

July 11, 2019 What comes first – fuel cell electric vehicles or the hydrogen refueling stations (HRSs) necessary to power them? CEMAC researchers conducted a cost analysis on HRS manufacturing costs. Read more.

JISEA at CEM10: Working toward a Clean Energy Future

June 21, 2019 — JISEA ventured north to Vancouver for CEM10. Learn more about our participation in the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial. Read more.

When the Power Goes Out, Which Fuel Will Keep Lights On—at the Lowest Cost?

June 19, 2019 — When the power goes out, resilience rules: which fuel do you choose? Our new technical report examines the real-world costs and benefits of natural gas- and diesel-driven power generation—and takes a closer look at grid-connected versus backup-only systems. Read more.

Knowledge Is Power: Understanding Energy-Efficient Window Installation Costs and Consumer Drivers

June 12, 2019 — The key to driving energy-efficient window replacements is knowledge. Learn more about our assessment of the total installed cost of these windows in a new CEMAC technical report. Read more.

Keeping Temperatures and Emissions Low: A Global Supply-Chain Analysis of Air-Conditioning Compressors

May 23, 2019 — Keep cool and carry on: Our new CEMAC report zeros in on the air-conditioning industry's efforts to sustainably meet growing cooling demand. Read more.

2019 JISEA Annual Report Captures Highlights of a Transformative Year

May 15, 2019 — A transformative year: Learn more about our innovative research and analysis in the JISEA 2019 Annual Report. Read more.

Clearing the path to market: Enabling energy hardware innovation and incubation

May 2, 2019 — Part analysis, part score card, a new JISEA white paper sheds light on the road to market for energy entrepreneurs and examines how a variety of support approaches can help them jump the hurdles along the way. Read more.

Energy Systems Transformations and Clean Energy for Industry and Agriculture headline the JISEA/CEMAC Annual Meeting

April 22, 2019 — Our Annual Meeting in Golden, Colorado, in March convened a rich cross-section of experts to discuss energy systems transformation and global manufacturing of energy technologies. Read more.

Good Practices Make Good Neighbors: Innovations in Urban/Suburban Oil and Gas Operations Can Minimize Impacts, Reduce Risk

April 12, 2019 — How can the O&G industry peaceably coexist with its neighbors? In a new study, JISEA takes a look at current industry innovations that can help mitigate community impacts of exploration and production. Read more.

Approaches for Integrating Renewable Energy Technologies in Oil and Gas Operations

January 15, 2019 — A new JISEA report provides an overview of where renewable and clean energy technologies can economically be integrated into oil and gas operations. Read more.

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