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About the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis

The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) seeks to guide the transformation of the global energy economy by establishing a foundation of knowledge, research capabilities, and solutions in complex, emerging areas of the clean energy transformation.

Our Mission

As the global energy economy continues to transform, the convergence of environmental, societal, and technological factors creates new, complex challenges. The intersection of these factors and the challenges they bring constitute JISEA's exploratory areas. JISEA strives to investigate the challenges in these exploratory areas and establish research pathways for addressing them in the future. JISEA achieves this through innovative approaches, including:

  • Convening experts from universities, research, and industry, to share knowledge and collaborate to identify emerging areas of clean energy research
  • Seeding catalyzer research projects to provide analysis on exploratory area research questions
  • Coordinating prize and voucher programs to enable innovative, real-world solutions and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the clean energy sector.

Through these approaches, JISEA guides, influences, and informs global energy investment and policy decisions, and advances strategic dialogues that are taking place in countries worldwide.


Visionary Leadership

JISEA's leaders leverage expertise of member institutions to illuminate possibilities for the global energy system.

Elizabeth Doris

Debbie Brodt-Giles
Program Manager

Joe Simon
Group Manager, Research Innovations & Partnerships

Sarah Truitt
Group Manager, Prize Innovation Excellence

Kristin Wegner Guilfoyle
Rural Network Development

Nick Langle
Senior Technical Product Manager

Emily Evans
American-Made Senior Prize Lead

Jamie Hendriks
Project Controller

Role and members
Program Committee and Advisory Council