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Our Work

The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) advances its mission of powering the transformation of the global energy economy by conducting collaborative research and analysis in exploratory areas that are of vital interest to our community of stakeholders and aligned with our mission. JISEA convenings and publications, in conjunction with the work by the various programs under JISEA’s umbrella, deliver groundbreaking strategic insights and take steps toward real-world solutions.

Climate Adaptation

Examining the effects of climate change on the efficiency, security, and resilience of the energy system.

  • How will climate change impact existing clean energy technology?
  • What resources will be available?
  • Will the clean energy infrastructure be located where people can use it?

Technology-Society Interface

Highlighting the societal implications of a high market share of clean energy. 

  • Are there effective ways to incorporate societal factors into complex models? 
  • What are the challenges to developing equity-centered data sets? 
  • How do we integrate qualitative research methodologies into technology research and development?

Workforce of the Future

Understanding the scale and scope of future clean energy workforce needs.

  • What are our workforce needs under different clean energy deployment scenarios? 
  • Where do opportunities exist for workforce transition? 
  • How do workforce limitations affect clean energy demonstration and deployment?

Hard-to-Decarbonize Industries

Finding a path to the development of sustainable, energy-efficient industrial processes. 

  • How do we inform decarbonization of hard-to-reach industrial applications? 
  • What are supply chain implications of varying global economic and geopolitical scenarios? 
  • As new industries evolve, what are the implications for clean energy?