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JISEA Annual Meeting

The JISEA Annual Meeting (JAM) brings together energy leaders from across the country to identify and form project teams to address the evolving clean energy climate and highlight strategic directions.

A key pillar in JISEA's approach to identifying and addressing emerging clean energy challenges is network development through regular convenings. JAM is JISEA's largest convening of the year and brings together clean energy experts from across research, universities, nonprofits, and industry to share crosscutting insights. This multi-day event gives attendees the opportunity to:

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Collaborate in discussion panels on emerging clean energy questions.

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Network with thought leaders from research, universities, nonprofits, and industry.

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Engage with presentations on the latest high-impact research.

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Expand partnerships in research projects and clean energy innovation opportunities.

The 2024 JISEA Annual Meeting (JAM24) took place on Feb. 26–27, 2024, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL’s) campus in Golden, CO. Subscribe to our email list to get the latest updates on the agenda, side meetings, and registration information for the 2025 JISEA Annual Meeting (JAM25).

In the Room

Approximately half of JAM attendees are from crosscutting and forward-looking programs at NREL and the U.S. Department of Energy, and half of attendees are from diverse demographics and disciplinary areas in industry, academic, non-profit, and government sectors. You should join us for this action-oriented conversation to define and address complex emerging challenges to clean energy transformation if you are:

  • A proactive leader or emerging leader in your field

  • Interested in clean energy problem definition and refining, solution approaches, and interpretation of outputs

  • An active participant looking for opportunities to solidify and grow your network of creative problem solvers driving toward a better energy future.

Sessions and Events

JAM aims to build and maintain a diverse, multidisciplinary, multidomain network that defines and frames emerging complex energy challenges, shares approaches for addressing them, and connects people and organizations to take the next steps. To achieve this goal, the meeting is divided into four 3-hour interactive sessions across two days, each focused on one of JISEA’s exploratory areas—climate adaptation and clean energy, technology-society interface, workforce of the future, and hard-to-decarbonize industries. Each session includes context-setting case studies or technical talks, small group discussion, and action planning.

In addition to the exciting sessions, JAM features an offsite reception to give presenters, panelists, and attendees the opportunity to connect in an unstructured setting. This reception is a great time to follow up on meeting discussions and lay the groundwork for future partnerships.

Sponsorship Opportunities

JISEA is actively seeking sponsors to support JAM and to help integrate voices from across research, universities, nonprofits, and industry. The following list provides the different levels, costs, and benefits of sponsorship:

Student Sponsor: $100 (10 available) or $1,000 (one available). Sponsor a single student or a group of 10 students to attend the meeting. The sponsor can select the student or JISEA can help coordinate (note: there are foreign national entry requirements on NREL’s campus).


  • Showcasing of logo in annual meeting materials including event website and agenda

  • Single or ten annual meeting registrations for student attendees.

Forward Thinker: $1,500

  • Showcasing of logo in annual meeting materials including event website and agenda

  • Five annual meeting registrations for your distribution.

Problem Solver: $3,000


  • Showcasing of logo in annual meeting materials including event website and agenda

  • Opportunity to work together on formation of premeeting discussions on one of the JISEA exploratory areas: Clean Energy and Climate Adaptation, Energy Workforce, Technology-Society Interface, Agricultural Decarbonization, Industrial Decarbonization

  • Eight annual meeting registrations for your distribution.

Coalition Champion: $4,000 (five available). Support coalition and network development through a sponsored coffee and discussion break at the meeting.


  • Showcasing of logo in annual meeting materials including event website and agenda

  • Ten annual meeting registrations for your distribution

  • Choice of lanyard cobranding with JISEA or 10-minute presentation opportunity to highlight your organization.

Integration Innovator (Reception Sponsor): $6,000 (one available). Enable a relaxed networking environment for idea generation.


  • Showcasing of logo in annual meeting materials including event website and agenda

  • Ten annual meeting registrations for your distribution

  • Opportunity to address the audience at the beginning or end of the break and at the reception

  • Branded materials on display at tables and signs at reception.

We are also building longer-term institutional sponsoring partnerships, such as:

Catalyzer Contributor: $25,000—$200,000. If your organization has an interest in one of the core complex challenges that JISEA is exploring, partner with us for a multiyear collaboration.


  • Advisory capacity on exploratory projects

  • Early access to interim results and discussions

  • Logo representation at annual meeting and associated meetings as a Catalyzer Contributor

  • Note: Because these are researcher-led exploratory projects, Catalyzer Contributors are advisors and do not have editorial or research design control.

American-Made Contributor: $25,000+. Partner with American-Made to incentivize innovation by awarding prizes, providing training, and fostering connections.


  • Support innovators by increasing prize pool awards

  • Cosponsor a prize with the U.S. Department of Energy or run your own prize.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or would like to discuss a bespoke sponsorship approach, contact Elizabeth Doris (202) 277-4012.

JISEA Annual Meeting 2024 Recap

In February 2024, JISEA welcomed clean energy leaders from across the country to NREL for JAM24. Attendees worked in collaborative sessions focused on hard-to-decarbonize industries, the technology-society interface, climate adaptation and clean energy, and workforce development, to identify and chart a path toward address emerging challenges. Check out the JAM24 presentations:

On April 8, 2024, JISEA hosted the JAM24 Synthesis webinar to share themes and insights from the meeting and update attendees on resulting projects and partnerships. View the JAM24 Synthesis webinar presentation slides and recording.

JISEA Annual Meeting 2023 Recap

In April 2023, JISEA hosted its first in-person annual meeting in over three years, bringing together over 110 researchers, industry partners, and nonprofit representatives to NREL’s campus to address emerging clean energy challenges. Check out the 2023 JISEA Annual Meeting presentations:


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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