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Sustainable Communities Catalyzer

The Sustainable Communities Catalyzer analyzed and mapped sustainable social, economic, environmental, and land use pathways for clean energy transition with a focus on rural and disadvantaged communities.

Scaling clean energy integration, electrifying economies, and transforming energy systems will have major impacts on land use, economies, people, and the environment. JISEA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are uniquely positioned to apply and integrate world-class modeling, visualization, and computation capabilities in sustainable communities analysis

Through the Sustainable Communities Catalyzer, completed in September 2022, JISEA/NREL analysts identified emerging research questions, established new research capabilities, provided thought leadership, and organized an advisory group of practitioners and researchers to provide feedback.

This work supported several of NREL's critical objectives—integrated energy pathwayscircular economy for energy materials, and electrons to molecules—and moved toward more equitable participation in the clean energy transition, so all communities can thrive.

Photo of Northeast Denver Housing’s Whittier affordable housing project with rooftop solar.