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Energy and Atmospheric Systems Catalyzer

The Energy and Atmospheric Systems Catalyzer modeled and quantified multidirectional relationships among climate, air quality, and energy systems.

Climate and air quality drive global transitions in power, transportation, industry, buildings, and product design. Clean energy technologies will be affected by a changing atmosphere and will impact atmospheric systems in more ways than reduced CO2 emissions.

Through the Energy and Atmospheric Systems Catalyzer, completed in September 2023, JISEA/NREL analysts helped identify emerging questions, established new research capabilities, and provided thought leadership in climate change and atmospheric sciences.

This work supported the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's integrated energy pathways critical objective.

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Garvin Heath
Distinguished Member of the Research Staff, NREL
Chair, Colorado Air Quality Enterprise Board

Michael Martin
Senior Researcher, High Performance Computing, NREL

Graphic of the research areas included in the JISEA Energy and Atmospheric Systems Catalyzer.