The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) provides leading-edge, objective, high-impact research and analysis to guide global energy investment and policy decisions and to support education and human development.

Focused on the nexus of energy, financial sector, and society, JISEA is guiding the transformation of the global energy economy.


Clean Energy Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector

Jan. 18, 2022—To help the oil and gas industry decarbonize operations, increase resilience, and conserve high-value resources, JISEA studied potential benefits of incorporating clean energy technologies in two parts of the oil and gas value chain.

Top Five JISEA Highlights of 2021

Jan. 5, 2022—2021 was filled with collaboration and scientific advancements at JISEA. Read about a few of the many highlights from the past year.

Riccardo Bracho Advises Energy Transitions in Countries Worldwide, Including His Native Mexico

Dec. 7, 2021—After two decades working in finance, NREL analyst Riccardo Bracho pivoted to an energy career. Today he leads analysis of international power sector transformations.

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