The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) provides leading-edge, objective, high-impact research and analysis to guide global energy investment and policy decisions and to support education and human development.

Focused on the nexus of energy, financial sector, and society, JISEA is guiding the transformation of the global energy economy.


Profitable, Clean, and Efficient Farming Starts with Renewable Energy Sources, Sustainably Produced Biofuels

September 16, 2021—Two new case studies show how Colorado farms and agricultural production facilities can make their energy generation and consumption more sustainable.

To Toss, Repair, or Recycle? How Human Behavior Affects the Fate of Aging Solar Panels

September 15, 2021—For the first time, agent-based modeling has been applied to end-of-life solar photovoltaic management to understand how people make decisions about recycling or reusing modules.

JISEA-Supported Analysis Helps Close the Gap in Inventories for Emissions From U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Production

August 5, 2021—Why are inventories for methane emissions from oil and natural gas production so difficult to estimate? JISEA and research partners developed a new approach to close the gap in data and identify super-emitters at the equipment level.

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