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Our Work

JISEA advances its mission of guiding the transformation of the global energy economy by conducting collaborative research and analysis in strategic areas that are of vital interest to our community of stakeholders and aligned with our mission. JISEA papers and publications deliver groundbreaking strategic insights and explain their real-world implications.

Energy Systems Integration and Transformation

Along with analysis to help build country-level capacity for energy systems integration, JISEA provides thought leadership to advance synergistic solutions that integrate renewable and conventional energy technologies.

Energy in the Global Water-Food Nexus

Through high-impact analysis and partnerships, JISEA provides insights and thought leadership that help enable synergistic advanced energy solutions and address barriers to resilient energy, food, and water systems.

Advanced Manufacturing, Circular Economy, and Clean Power for Industry

With an emphasis on global supply chain analysis through the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) program and clean power for industrial processes, JISEA provides industry with the foundational knowledge and technology needed to transition from a linear to a clean and circular economy for energy-relevant and energy-intensive materials, processes, and technologies.

Recent Work

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