Nuclear and Renewable Energy - Potential Synergies

JISEA initiated an exploration of the synergies between nuclear and renewable energy — two energy sources with the potential to overcome key challenges facing the U.S. energy sector.

These key challenges include limiting greenhouse gas emissions and curbing oil imports. Renewable and nuclear energy have potential for overcoming these challenges. Each has the potential to de-carbonize the energy sector, and electricity, biofuels, and hydrogen from renewable and nuclear sources have the potential to replace oil used for transportation.

Relatively little research has focused on the potential benefits of combining nuclear and renewable energy. Until now.

JISEA saw a gap in understanding. Potential synergies, largely unexplored, may amplify the potential of nuclear and renewable energy sources and lead to better options for meeting energy needs and energy policy goals.

JISEA convened 40 thought leaders from industry, government, and academia to identify and prioritize broad areas for future analysis in this field, and we have funded research on some potential synergies.