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The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) increases the impact of its analysis by staying engaged in and helping to shape the global energy dialogue. News and blogs about JISEA, JISEA leadership, JISEA partners, and JISEA programs are highlighted below.

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Jill Engel-Cox Named New JISEA Director at Annual Meeting

April 12, 2018— The JISEA Annual Meeting in April gave founding JISEA Director Doug Arent the opportunity to announce Jill Engel-Cox as the new JISEA Director. Jill has worked with JISEA for nearly three years and is well prepared for the new role. She is also the director of the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC), which is operated by JISEA.

"I'm looking forward to leading the exciting work we're doing at JISEA," said Engel-Cox. "Providing objective, data-based analysis across power systems, supply chain systems, industrial systems, human systems, and ecosystems is at the heart of what we'll continue to do." Learn more about Jill and watch for a summary of the JISEA Annual Meeting and key presentations soon.

Doug Arent was recently named Deputy Director for the Scientific Computing and Energy Analysis organization at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.