Integrating High Penetration Renewables: Best Practices from International Experience

Many countries—reflecting very different geographies, markets, and power systems—are demonstrating success in managing high levels of variable renewable electricity on the grid.

The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA), on behalf of the Clean Energy Ministerial and in conjunction with the Clean Energy Solutions Center and NREL, examined these diverse experiences, and reports lessons which can be applied elsewhere.

The cases selected for this study—Australia (South Australia), Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the United States (Western Region: Colorado and Texas)—all have relatively high penetrations of RE but reflect different power system and market characteristics.

The depth of experience in various countries—situated in diverse geographical and market contexts—provides insights for decision makers interested in increasing the penetration of variable RE into the power sector. This study documents the diverse approaches to effective integration among six countries, and it summarizes policy best practices that energy ministers and other stakeholders can pursue to ensure that electricity markets and power systems can effectively coevolve with increasing penetrations of variable RE.