2018 Annual Meeting Focuses on Driving Transformation Change

Energy, strategy, and finance experts from industry, government, academia, and policy convened at the annual meeting of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA), held April 4–5 at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) campus in Golden, Colorado. The first day of the meeting focused on clean energy innovation—changes to our energy system, implications for technology, policy and finance, and how innovation across the landscape is driving change. Day 2 focused on power sector transformation: how increased electrication of transportation and other services, combined with the decarbonization of power supplies, have been identified as critical elements for energy systems around the world.

Presentations and panel discussions focused on batteries and storage, renewables and industry, natural gas and electricity, and power systems transformation.

Topics, Speakers, and Presentations

Opening Remarks

Rob Leland, Associate Laboratory Director for Scientific Computing and Energy Analysis, NREL
Doug Arent, Executive Director, JISEA

Batteries and Storage: Truly a Game Changer?

Moderator: Jeff Logan, JISEA/NREL
Paul Denholm, NREL
Brandon Owens, GE

JISEA Highlights & Updates

Doug Arent, Executive Director, JISEA

Renewables and Industry: Insights and Actions from a Global Perspective

Moderator: Jill Engel-Cox, Director (incoming), JISEA
Cedric Philibert, IEA

State of the States: Insights on State Clean Energy Actions

Bill Ritter, Former Colorado Governor, Colorado State University

Natural Gas/Electricity

Arnie Quinn, FERC
Greg Stark, NREL/JISEA
Thomas Coleman, NERC
Sue Tierney, Analysis Group

Power Systems Tranformation: Lessons Across Jurisdictions

Moderator: Rich Sedano, Regulatory Assistance Project
Bryan Hannegan, CEO, Holy Cross Cooperative
Mark Rothleder, VP Market Quality and Renewable Integration, CAISO

Keynote: Architecting Change in New York's Energy Economy

Richard Kauffman, Energy Executive, State of New York

Looking Forward

Doug Arent, Executive Director, JISEA
Jill Engel-Cox, Director (incoming), JISEA

Report cover titled Integrate

Annual Report

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