The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) provides leading-edge, objective, high-impact research and analysis to guide global energy investment and policy decisions.

Focused on the nexus of energy, finance, and society, JISEA is guiding the transformation of the global energy economy.

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May 4 Webinar: Spatiotemporal Considerations in Energy Decisions

Join us on May 4 for our third "Pathways to Decarbonization" webinar. Dr. Sarah Marie Jordaan of the University of Calgary will discuss emerging approaches for evaluating energy decisions. Learn more.

Pathways to Decarbonization Webinars: Join Us in April

Join us for two webinars this coming month. On April 13, we will explore trends in the U.S. electricity sector; consider how natural gas affects policy, operational, and investment decisions; visit the question of natural gas as a bridge to a more sustainable electricity sector; and examine drivers for natural gas and renewable energy synergies. And, on April 20, we will review our work to illuminate the environmental, economic, and technological effects of methane emissions and abatement. Learn more.

JISEA Monograph Series Explores Natural Gas as a Bridge to Sustainability

The second report in a series examines the role of natural gas as increasingly strict carbon emission targets are imposed on the electricity sector. Learn more.

Arent: Let's Get Gas Right

In a new blog post for the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, JISEA executive director Doug Arent discusses possible synergies between renewable energy and natural gas. Learn more.

First Report in New JISEA Monograph Series Explores Trends in Natural Gas and the U.S. Electricity Sector

The report is the first in a monograph series focusing on natural gas and the electricity sector. Learn more.

Jill Engel-Cox Brings 25 Years of Clean Energy Experience to JISEA

Jill Engel-Cox joins JISEA as deputy director. Learn more.

Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin Joins JISEA as Research Affiliate

JISEA's newest Research Affiliate will augment JISEA's capabilities in energy policy research and analysis. Learn more.

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